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This attorney directory contains lawyers in Dothan, Alabama, as well as suggestions for finding a law office to suit your needs. Legal transactions are often complex. Lawyers analyze how the law applies to your case.

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Lawyers deal with a wide range of cases including wills, real estate, leases, contracts, separation agreements, divorces, and car accidents. Dothan attorneys also work on criminal cases like impaired driving and assault. Lawyers are trained to understand and interpret the law. They defend your rights and tell you how the law applies to your business or personal situation

Start with a lawyer you've used before. Dothan lawyers tend to work in certain areas of law. But they don't specialize like doctors do - there are no exams a lawyer can write to become a specialist in Dothan divorce, Dothan family law, or any other area.

Ask friends for recommendations. If you’ve never used a lawyer, ask friends and acquaintances to recommend a lawyer they used for similar problems. A personal recommendation is usually a good way to choose any professional. You could also ask your doctor, accountant, or financial advisor. Often, they know divorce lawyers, dwi attorneys, Dothan immigration attorneys, etc. Always describe your problem in detail.

Try a lawyer referral service. If you've never used a lawyer and you can't get a recommendation, try a referral service.

You have to give the Dothan lawyer a clear picture of your problem and goal. Make notes of all the facts of your case, in an organized way - usually chronologically. Gather and organize all the documents on your case. Bring the notes and documents to the interview. For example, if you had a car accident and are talking with a personal injury lawyer, write everything you remember about how the accident happened and your injuries. Draw a diagram of the accident scene. List all your expenses. Bring all your receipts and paperwork, like accident and insurance reports. This lets the lawyer advise you properly and quickly.

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Tel: 836067478

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Adams Samuel L PC
153 S Oates St
Tel: (334) 792-0965
Blackwell Bryan Attorney At la
279 W Main St
Tel: (334) 678-7780
Brook Leah C
408 S Foster St
Tel: (334) 699-4625
Byrd John E Jr Attorney At Law
211 W Main St
Tel: (334) 794-2889
C Bruce Adams Attorney
865 Honeysuckle Rd
Tel: (334) 702-2961
Cochran Cherry Givens
247 Eastgate Dr
Tel: (334) 671-8572
Collier Lori S Attorney At Law
409 N Shady Ln
Tel: (334) 699-2690
Crespi Michael Attorney
308 W Adams St
Tel: (334) 702-9434
David A Jones Attorney At Law
211 W Main St
Tel: (334) 794-2889

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